Vision & Mission

We at Mayfair believe change is inevitable and experimentation is the key to change. We try to bring out new ideas that create our own space and give us an extra edge over and above our competitors. We make sure that all the apartments are spacious and airy with optimum space utilization. We look into the integration of aesthetics, functionality, sustainability, socio economic factors, and a content driven philosophy. We do not follow any stereotype design. We construct as per need, taste and requirement of our prospective clients and endeavor to give them a better environment which exceeds their expectations. Time is the key essence and that is what we believe in. If we respect time and do our work honestly money will flow automatically. We are very much value driven and ensure that our success allows us to hold our heads high and feet firmly grounded. Social values are inculcated to serve our clients better. We want to be proud of our work and not ourselves


Our Vision is to provide Basic need of shelter to every Indian family and every Indian should have a house /apartment of his own by the 2020 and to continuously exceed the expectations of our customers and employees and become a benchmark for quality in every field the Mayfair Group ventures into.


Our Mission is to create Affordable Housing for the citizens of India and to improve customer experiences through constant innovation and understanding, with a focus on quality and transparency of processes so that when it comes to Mayfair, customers come to expect nothing but the best from us every time.

Affordable Housing
  • 1. A person can avail loan, 6 times his annual income.
  • 2. Cost of an apartment ranges from Rs 5 lacs to 40 lacs.
  • 3. No compromise on quality.
  • 4. Housing for the masses.
  • 5. Provisioning for socio-economic infrastructure.
  • 6. Criteria differs in Tier II/ III cities v/s Metric cities in definition.
  • 1. Large housing segment largely ignored
  • 2. Property prices unaffordable for middle income groups
  • 3. Worldwide Economic slowdown has rendered buyers cautious
  • 4. Consequently Developers forced to shift from the luxury segment to MIG segment.
  • 5. Value for money has now gained prominence.
  • 1. Creating product to meet end user need.
  • 2. Domestic demand to be met.
  • 3. Population Growth
  • 4. Good rental income.
  • Architecture and planning to support Affordable Housing in India.
  • 1. In metro cities- Maximum Building Blocks should be within seven storied
  • 2. Sustainable living- Create community assets.
  • 3. Human Traffic & Vehicular traffic analysis.
  • 4. Adoption of simplicity and uniform Grid
  • 5. Avoiding structural tricks.
  • 6. Eliminate conventional method
  • 7. Recycling of Treated water
  • 8. Utilization of Solar energy.
  • 9. Adoption of New and modern technologies
    • i) Technologies will reduce construction labour
    • ii) Mechanized production
    • iii)Elimination of processes
    • iv) Save time and Administration cost
    • v)Save escalation
    10. Designing
    • i)Appropriate space allocation.
    • ii)Optimum planning
    • iii)Better light and ventilation